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How Hydroponic Trays Work

Hydroponic Growing Trays can be used in vertical farms where everything grows indoors under LEDs that mimic natural sunlight.
Instead of soil, crops sprout in nutrient-rich water beds on trays stacked from the floor to the ceiling.

You don’t need a garden or lots of space to grow plants at home. Hydroponic Growing Trays lets you grow fresh vegetables indoors, all year round and no matter the weather. The solution is called hydroponic cultivation, which means growing in water instead of soil. It’s a clean and quick way of growing that gives a proper harvest without taking up much space – so easy that the whole family can get involved. It’s a fun way of learning about nature and spending time together.

How to use the tray

1) Soak Seed for 2-3 hours

2) Make the sponge wet. Make sure the sponge is not too wet or too dry.

3) Insert soaked seed into sponge slit. Position the seed side ways and not up-standing.

4) Put the sponge with the seed into the provided net pot. Push sponge down to touch the bottom of the Potting Net.

5) Insert the net pot into one of the openings in the tray. The sponge should touch the water level to wick water on demand.

6) Turn on the pump, there’s no need of the grow LED light until the sprout appears.

Hydroponic grow tray has a dedicated recirculating pump which circulates water via canal to ensure watering to each each side of pot. In case of power failure, the plants can survive without much stress.

1) Soak the sponge and seeds in water.

2) Insert soaked seed into sponge slit.

3) Put the sponge into the provided net pot.

4) Put the net pot in the tray filled with water.

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