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Hydroponics is a method of soilless growing in which the cultivation of plants takes place in an aquatic-based environment. Although the concept of growing plants without soil seems contrary to a plant’s nutritional needs, plants can actually grow exceedingly well in soilless grow systems. To thrive, plants need water and nutrients, which are traditionally absorbed from the soil they are grown in. However, if these nutrients can be provided through a nutrient-rich solution applied directly to a plant’s root zone, plants can be grown without any soil at all.

Hydroponic systems use nutrient solutions to feed plants, and use other substrates to provide support for roots. Additionally, some hydroponic systems require no substrates at all.

Plants grown hydroponically are of exceedingly high quality, occupy less space, and consume fewer resources than traditional growing methods.
Additionally, hydroponic growing methods, in combination with vertical gardening, have aided in expanding the possibilities of urban gardening and indoor gardening.

Hydro Trays

Here are the HydroPro Grow Trays that will change the way you think about Hydroponics. Each tray is 20x20x4 inches and contains it’s own reservoir and optional pump. Grow the kratke method or get the inexpensive pump for a hydroponic growing experience like no other.

Use your own racks to create an amazing hydroponic growing space. Order reservoirs with 36 positions for cloning or seed starting, or get the lid with 16 positions for growing out your crop. Great for leafy greens, herbs, tomatoes, and more. Easy to scale up as your live produce business or food needs grow.

Whats so great about the Hydro Trays?

Look Closely…they have a built in groove that distributes nutrients from the pump evenly to each net pot, directly feeding each net pot and adding aeration. Each tray is independent from the rest so if you need to tailor nutrients to a particular crop, feel free. You’re not bound to one nutrient recipe or one pH throughout an entire system. Give your particular crop exactly what it needs.


Take Live Product To Market

These are great to take living produce to farmers markets. Customers just pluck the living plant in the net pot, right out of the tray. This opens up huge possibilities to deliver living gourmet greens to restaurants, groceries and more.Build you own urban farm or feed your family!

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